He’s not just a pet, He’s your buddy: taking care of your dog

What are the ways and the steps in maintaining your dog’s health?

Research what are foods that are safe for dogs to eat.

As a dog owner, it’s important to be aware that some foods can be very dangerous to dogs. Research what are the safe foods they can eat and avoiding giving them harmful and hazardous food that can harm them and develop life-threatening problems after eating even for just a few. There some foods, i.e. Grapes and raisin that can cause kidney failure. It is best to play it safe and stay away from them; always remember that prevention is always better than cure.Also give them vitamins and probiotics to decrease the bacteria in their stomach and prevent infection.

Exercise and Give them a walk

Dogs also require regular exercise in order to stay healthy and in shape. They said that most dogs need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. Every dog needs a physical outlet to expend extra energy and maintain their health and fitness. Regular exercise can also improve their mental health and reduce some behaviors done out of anxiety or boredom. Every morning you can take your dog with you while running/jogging or even give them a walk and stroll with them in the park, keeping you both fit and healthy.

Bathe and wash your dog

They do not mind being dirty and stinky, you are the need taking the action in giving them a proper bathe and keeping them clean even if they don’t like it. You must choose the right shampoo and soap because other shampoo contains strong chemicals that may dries their skin and it may cause excessive shedding in your dog.11027957_1153570171337375_8005008154787243982_n

Show your dog that you love them.

Showing your dogs that you love them is essential because even if dogs can’t talk or they can’t show appreciation or comfort you in bad times; but still by showing them affection and love they can deeply understand your feelings towards them.

Constantly hug them, pat them on the head, rub their belly, play with them talk to them and speak their language; they may not respond to what you’re saying, but they are listening. And sleep with them it will make the dog feel secure and comfortable to sleep beside you.




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