It may be bad for the kids to grow up with technology

Always remember that there are two sides to every coin. There is something positive and useful in one scenario can be negative in another, and may even be used against your child.


According to this article “kid phones” When a kid owns a cellphone and they have  an account at Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms their parents are unaware of what their child is doing online. But, It is also bad to ground and snatch their cellphones and look at the history and the page they are viewing to know what they are looking and searching on the internet.

To build your kids trust, he/she needs to see that you trust them too; you need to show them and prove it to them so that they will be open to you, close parent-child relationships built on trust and open communication. When that happens they will tell you what they are doing, where are they going and who are the people they are adding on Facebook because they know you trust them and they will tell you the truth and they will not break your trust at them.

As parent you want the safety of your child, you need to advise them not to put everything, personal information and stuffs on their cellphones and on their social media accounts. They also need to disable and turn their GPS location off to prevent them from getting tracked by other people. There is a chance and a great possibility for other people especially hackers to access other people’s account, identity and information and they may use it for their own use, steal money or to damage a people’s reputation.

Distraction and Interaction

When kids are constantly staring and using their mobile phones their attention is fixed on the screens of their cellphone and they are only focus in using it. I.e. when they are playing a game on their phone or checking their Facebook and they need to do their chores and finish their homework, they may ignore you when you scold them, and get lazy in getting things done and finishing it on time.

It will also lead to disobedience, lying and passive-aggressiveness. And because everyone can communicate and chat with their friends and loved ones just by using their cellphones do you know that it is also causing and harming the kids to lose their social skills and their ability to interact, communicate and socialize with other people.



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