Leaving to Live


When did you first realize that you want to leave your country to travel or move into another country, go into different places and exploring different cultures? But what’s stopping you? Traveling across the world to a foreign land can be extremely intimidating and yes, it’s so hard leaving your hometown when you know that it’s comfortable there and you would never leave. As a human being you’ll long for a place you associate with what you perceive to be your home spot.

Then something spontaneous happens you realized what direction you are interested in taking your life, that you are the only one who will know what you really want your life to be and there is no reason you would not follow your heart and to not regret in not doing it. To go out, get outside and do something with other people, move, explore and see the world.

Expanding your network and meeting new people

Sometimes you just need a little mingle and do the first move to make new friends with other travelers and locals, people with different perspectives but sharing the same aspirations with you and get to know their side of the story. Who can expose you to their culture, food, tradition and experiences. Giving you a chance to expand your network in addition to your friendship and social circle. You will learn to communicate in different ways and also travelling provides opportunities to meet a huge diversity of new people and see how other people live.

Meeting another traveler is a good thing because you both share the same interest ,they are dauntless and ready for challenges just like you; you will never know you might find your true love or meet your best friend across the globe.

Distinctly, the environment and the nature is one of the best places to meet new people and make friends.


They said that you don’t need to be rich to travel the world.

Joan Opeña, a good friend of mine who loves to travel said that there’s nothing more thrilling than being exposed to different cultures, people, & food. It’s an adventure in every corner you go…and getting lost in a foreign land may just be the best thing that could happen to you. Whenever she travels, she feel free, brave, rebellious even! “You can be anyone you want to be for a few days, or even be yourself without worrying if your rubber shoes or sneakers don’t match any of your outfits! You find a piece of yourself when you travel, & that is a feeling that you constantly crave for… thus the term “wanderlust” makes so much sense to you”, She added.

Walk, wander and join a local festival. Enjoy the sights and experiences that you cannot get at home, Taking it easy and go slowly, get there slower and enjoy the ride. It broadens your horizon and it challenged you to see the world outside of your comfort zone.

Travelling is a journey to self-discovery; it gives you context in learning new things, do fun and unique things that you cannot do in your home country. It will give you a new perspective about life and especially your life. These experiences increase your knowledge and understanding, making you a better and wiser person.

When you embrace and welcome the unfamiliar, foreign and the new path you will not only learn about others, you will also learn about yourself. Traveling to a different country lets you experience life in a different way.


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