Why it is better to job hunt online?

After graduating from college, a fresh graduate’s mind is set in seeking and finding a job. But here are some pointers and advantages why it is still better to use your computer and apply online than being a walk-in applicant.

Easy and Efficient

Searching a job on the internet is very easy and efficient. You will create your resume and cover letter and submit it the company you’re applying for, other applicants who wants to stand out from the competition records a video resume showcasing their personality and communication skills.

Applying from job listings online saves your time, energy and money. Come to think of it, you are going to the company without an appointment and you’re not sure if they are still hiring and looking for applicants you will probably hop and find a company that is seeking and receiving applicants; while on the other hand if you search a job at job listings online there is no need to for you to walk and travel because you will just wait for them to call you and invite you for an interview if you are qualified for the position.

You already have a slot

If you are looking for a job online, passed your resume and  they find you qualified for the position they will contact you via text messaging, call or email inviting you for an interview with a definite date and company’s location; meaning they are giving you a slot and they have made an appointment with you. It’s your chance to prove to them that you are suitable for the position and you must perfectly sell yourself to them. It is also up to you if you will show up or not.


What used to require a long series of in-person and face to face interviews is now being replaced by online meetings and a video call at Skype instead. It has become conventional that a lot of the companies and interviewer these days are conducting and recruiting interviews online, thru call or via video chat. An online interview is also convenient for both the hiring manager and their prospective job applicant because it saves money, time and energy and this still allows the hiring managers to see their interviewee’s facial expressions and body language without additional costs. Also hiring managers have the ability to interview their applicants from anywhere at any time, screening them in less time and speeds up the interview process.


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