Why it’s good for your child to own a cellphone?


Cellphone messaging is the modern way of receiving and sending a mail letter at the post office to your friend and loved ones, sometimes it is even faster than email.

According to this article about “cellphone for kids”, 21% of children 8 years and younger use smart phones! 78% of children aged 12 to 17 already have a cell phone. It is also a good thing to give your child a cellphone because it helps you keep in constant contact with them.

I.e. What if their teacher sent them out of the school earlier than you’ve expected, who will pick them up? Or if they attended a practice or a group report at their classmate’s house and then trouble arises and they’re in danger, how would you know and where would you find them? When they own a cellphone they can contact you and you can locate their whereabouts with GPS. It is really essential in maintaining a daily link with your kids.


It is very accessible and they can bring their smartphones anywhere. What if they need to contact you or they need to research stuffs online? They can’t carry a monitor, cpu and the keyboard at the same time, right? But they can even put 2 mobile phones in the pocket of their jeans.

Research and Learning

You can search everything on the internet, when your kids own a cellphone inn their school he/she already have an advantage among their classmates. I.e. they can use their smartphones to study their lessons or do their homework in advance while they are having their break.

Kids can also learn new things and skills online using their mobile phones, I.e. Learning basic foreign language, they can even search instrumental chords and music sheets if they are playing any musical instruments, they can download books and novels online, read health and knowledgeable articles, and also inspirational quotes to inspire, motivate and boost their positivity. But tell them not to use their cellphones while they are inside the class or while their teacher is teaching.

Meeting new friends

Maybe every human being in this world owns a gadget specifically a cellphone and they have their own Facebook, twitter and other social media accounts. This is the fastest way in communicating and catching up with you friends and loved ones who’re living on the other side of the globe.

Your kids can also meet new friends online using their cellphones, a new friend from their book group, a new friend from their mutual friends or from the games they are playing. You should not stop them in expanding their social circle, you just need to advise them and tell them not to fully trust all the people they are making friends with and that you need to know and meet them personally too.



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